Second Languages Spoken by Countries Around the World

Do you know what your country or region’s second language is? And if so, do you know how to speak it? The website is a resource for people who want to move abroad, and they recently released this fascinating infographic that shows the popular second tongue of every region around the world.

Some places, like Canada’s knowledge of the French language, are fairly predictable. Others might surprise you, and this graphic gives an overall idea of the world’s history from the past hundreds of years and whose influence traveled where.

We also learn that English is the most popular second language to know, followed by French, Russian, and then Spanish.

So, if you’re looking to take a vacation or make a long-distance move, this illustrative map is your guide to what language a country’s residents are likely the most familiar with. Maybe it’s one that you know, too. website
via [L’Acte Gratuit and Business Insider]

Artist’s Quirky Rainbow-Colored House in the Woods

When artist Kat O’Sullivan (a.k.a. Katwise) and her partner Mason Brown bought a run-down, nondescript farmhouse in the middle of the woods near High Falls, New York in 2009, they knew they had to breathe some life into the old building to reveal its true charm.

With the help of their friends, the couple worked their artistic magic on the house, transforming the abode into a striking, rainbow-colored home that somehow fits in perfectly with the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape.

The farmhouse, which was originally built in 1840, was in a state of neglect when O’Sullivan unleashed her imagination on it.

Away went the plain white facade, decrepit roof, and linoleum floors; in splashed a palette of bright hues, bold patterns, and outdoor furnishings like a chandelier, tent, and patio.

Colorful and filled with personality on both the interior and the exterior, the house was renovated according to O’Sullivan’s philosophy of “artistic upcycling,” which she explains as breathing new life into castaway objects.

The final result, called Calico, is a gorgeous and unique house that is a perfect match for the artist’s dynamic lifestyle.

O’Sullivan told us, “I am inspired by the colorful life we live, surrounded by our carnival of friends and constant revelry.

I wanted a home that felt like a celebration of our beautiful community, and a monument to many years of  international hitchhiking adventures.

“It feels like a museum of the moments in our lives that have been the most joyous.  Our home feels like a sweet embrace. It is hard to ever feel anything but lucky when we come home and see our silly house smiling back at us.”

Katwise’s website
via [Visual News], [Huffington Post]

Stunning Photo Collection Documents Beautiful Light Throughout NYC

NY Through the Lens is a visual documentation of NYC-based photographer Vivienne Gucwa’s explorations throughout the city.

From the young age of 17, Gucwa has been living on her own and working many jobs to stay afloat.

As a way to manage personal stress, she would go for long walks for “as far as [her] feet would take [her]” and she found herself in awe of the many things that she came across.

In an effort to capture these beautiful experiences, Gucwa bought a cheap point-and-shoot camera and began documenting everything through her lens.

In the stunning collection, Gucwa captures a beautifully glowing light that is cast across the urban environments.


Eventually, she began posting her images on her blog. They were instantly a hit, and now, the series is available for pre-order as a 192-page coffee table book.

“I am endlessly haunted by a sense of saudade and sehnsucht: a deep longing for a place that is unidentifiable but somehow familiar and indicative of what could be identified as home,” she explains. “I am on a never-ending quest to attempt to imbue my photography of cities and landscapes with this complex notion of nostalgic longing.”

Vivienne Gucwa’s website
via [PetaPixel]

15 Otherworldly Places You Have to See to Believe

Three Sisters Volcano, OregonHave you ever looked at a photo and just couldn’t believe what you were seeing? Today let’s check out 15 of those places. Destinations that seem like they are not of this Earth. Lakes that seem like they belong on another planet. Mountains that appear like they were colored with crayons. From a geyser in Nevada that was accidentally created by a well drilling to the frozen gas bubbles in Abraham Lake, we hope you’ll enjoy these strange and surreal places spotted right on this Earth.

Above Photo: Nagesh MahadevFly Geyser, NevadaPhoto: Inge Johnsson

Alentejo Beach, PortugalPhoto: Jose Carvalhor

The Wave, ArizonaPhoto: Simon J. Byrne

Abraham Lake, Alberta, CanadaPhoto: Emmanuel Coupe Kalomiris

Lake Hillier, The Pink Lake in AustraliaPhoto: Vusan Alekeberov

Lake Baikal, Siberia, RussiaPhoto: Alexey Trofimov

Sedimentary Stone in a Dry Wash at Valley of Fire, NevadaPhoto: Sean Bagshaw

Devils Punch Bowl, Central OregonPhoto: Adrian Klein

Godafoss, IcelandPhoto: Iurie Belegurschi

Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, CanadaPhoto: pbase

Mendenhall Glacier, AlaskaPhoto: Kent Mearig

AntarcticaPhoto: Martin Bailey

Apostle Islands National LakeshorePhoto: Brian Peterson/Star Tribune

Rainbow Mountains, ChinaPhoto: Process Sensors

20 Stunning Autumn Photos That Celebrate the Color Changing Season

It’s fall! Time to see the leaves change colors. Who wants to jump in a pile of crinkly leaves and hear them crunch?

Better yet, why not check out these glorious photos that will make you want to celebrate the season.

Today we’ve compiled 20 autumn images that remind you of what a colorful time it is right now.

Make sure to step outside your door and breathe in the crisp, cool air. It won’t be long before it’s too cold to go outside!

Fjaðrárgljúfur, The Most Beautiful Canyon in the World

Have you eve seen a canyon so beautiful? Fjaðrárgljúfur is a canyon in south east Iceland that’s known for its breathtaking beauty.

It’s up to 330 feet deep and about one-and-a-quarter kilometers long, with a river called Fjaðrá flowing through it.

Created by a progressive erosion of flowing water from glaciers through rocks, the canyon has been hallowed out for millions of years.

The walking path along the eastern edge offers stunning views over both the plains and the glacial brooks below.

Here are some of our favorite photos of the must-visit destination.

Photo: Jorunn Sjofn Gudlaugsdottir

Photo: Guilhem De Cooman

Photo: Guilhem De Cooman

Photo: Arnar Bergur Guðjónsson


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